Sunday, July 3, 2011

Start Your Ovens cookbook giveaway

I am a longtime cookbook collector who always has an eye out for great local recipes. While meeting a friend for coffee in Bristol, I spied this collection by the Junior League of Bristol, Va/Tn: “Start Your Ovens, Cooking the Way it Ought'a Be.” I bought two copies, gave them away as gifts, then bought more.

Thank you to the Junior League of Bristol for putting it together. Many thanks also to track owner and philanthropist Bruton Smith, who underwrote the second printing of this book.

Please note, I sought and obtained permission from the Junior League of Bristol to reprint some of the recipes and to give away a copy of the book. This promotion is strictly for fun and aimed at highlighting delicious local recipes. I’ll give away a copy of Start Your Ovens, in celebration of the Junior League’s efforts and to coincide with the August race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

This book appeals to race fans, food enthusiasts and anyone who loves to collect cookbooks that tell the story of a region. It is chock full of recipes from famous NASCAR drivers and their spouses, local restaurants and historical observations about Bristol Motor Speedway: The World’s Fastest Half Mile.

To enter for the prize giveaway, you can do the following:

** Leave a comment on this post asking to be registered;

** Go to Google Friend Connect and add me, then leave a comment on this post saying you have added me;

** Follow me on Twitter, then leave a comment on this post saying you are following me;

** Follow me on Twitter and RT this post with the hashtag #startyourovens; or

**Try one of the recipes from the book and leave a comment on this post letting me know the results.

You will be entered once for each action -- just be sure to post and let me know.

I will post recipes from the cookbook each week through the end of August. The contest will end Aug. 31 and I will draw for a winner who will receive a copy of the book by mail.


  1. Post a comment to be entered in the cookbook drawing!

  2. I'd loved to be registered to win! I love cookbooks, and this one sounds great! Thanks for the opportunity! I also really like the new look of your blog--very nice!! :)

    Fingers crossed I'm the lucky winner!! :):)

  3. I would love to win this cookbook too! PLEASE register me.

  4. Thanks for asking to register! And good luck!

  5. I love cookbooks ! My mother collected them and i have several of her favorites that I obtained after she passed away last year !

  6. Please register me to win. I love trying different food items. Thanks.

  7. Please register me for the contest. I would love to have a copy of this cookbook, and thank you for having a fun and interesting blog! (PS If I am not the winner I will buy a copy of te cookbook. It looks fantastic.)

  8. Please enter me in the contest, Suzanne. Your blog is terrific and this is a wonderful idea. And NASCAR recipes, too? This IS a great country!

  9. Thanks, ladies! So glad to see you reading and enjoying the recipes. This cookbook is terrific (and sales of the book benefit Speedway Children's Charities and other local needs; a great effort all around).

  10. Many thanks to all who entered. Shelia Bates is the winner of the book (from a drawing by my 10-year-old son). Congrats, Shelia...the book is on its way!