Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer fun in the yard

My in-laws bought us a fire pit for our wedding anniversary in June. I assembled it in the livingroom floor because I figured if I lost a screw in the yard, it would be gone for good. We had several rainy days and the pit sat on the back patio; but last week, my teenaged daughter couldn't wait any longer and we set it up in the yard.

We had a dozen or so stones left from the flower bed we demolished -- they were used to make a ring under and around the pit. Add a couple of comfy chairs and a cool beverage, and we had the makings of a great evening. I was glad to christen the fire pit, but my youngest child quickly got bored and went inside. My daughter held on for much longer, but around 10:30 p.m. she announced she was ready for bed -- and left me to tend the fire.

Don't tell anyone, but I enjoyed the quiet and a bit of stargazing as I waited for the last embers to burn down. My husband and I enjoyed another fire on Saturday -- without any rush. And the wood for the fire was free, from our severe storm in April.

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