Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring bulb show

In 2010, my husband and I bought a house in Bristol, Tenn. Many years ago, it had been a family home, but more recently it had been a rental. Needless to say, little had been done in the yard for years, except for an occasional mow. Last fall, my husband and sons worked like Trojans to help me clear out the flowerbeds, cut the shrubs and plant some spring bulbs. It was a fun exercise in gardening and we are enjoying the benefits now.

The boys planted about 30 tulip bulbs in a corner flower bed. The squirrels dug up plenty of the plantings, but the ones that remained are putting on quite a show.

My sons have been so pleased with the results that they want to plant more bulbs this fall. Isn’t that great how gardening works? Our cucumbers are coming along and will taste even better because we are doing it ourselves.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Those landscaping timbers are horrible (and possibly older than me!) -- just another example of a future project.