Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orchid update 1.0

I wrote about my budding orchid last month, since I was excited by the prospect of seeing the beautiful blooms again. It has been nearly three years, folks. Typically I have a pretty green thumb, but orchids can be tough customers and this one was neglected for quite a while.

I am pleased to report that the buds are nearly ready to pop now.

I repotted the orchid because it seemed to need it. I know I was taking a risk to do it as the plant was preparing to bloom, but a bit of water, some orchid fertilizer, a sunny window and a large container all seem to be working wonders for it. There are three blooms obvious in this photo; there is a fourth smaller one coming along also. Look for more photos once it starts blooming (and keep your fingers crossed!)

Happy Saturday, everyone.

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