Monday, May 2, 2011

Out with the ancient ramen noodles

So, I already told you how my weekend was full of hauling wash to the laundromat, raking leaves and picking up limbs, replanting after storm damage and plenty of cooking. I did something else on Sunday that I typically dread, but it had to be done.

I pulled out every item from our kitchen cabinets. Yes, down to ancient ramen noodles and caked-up hot cocoa mix. I filled a box for the food pantry at my son's school (items that are still good, but we are not going to eat); and dumped the opened stuff that was never going to get finished. All the boxed cereals are put away. The coffee, filters, creamer and sweetener are together. I actually know what vegetables I have and where to find the rice. I expect it to stay this way for a few more days...

After pulling everything out and cleaning the shelves, I had to put down new liner paper. I mean, it may be years before I get this inspired again. I chose a pattern called waterdance. It's green and white and similar to the background for my blog. I realize no one is going to see it, except me (on the lowest shelves). Still, getting the cabinets clean and organized made me feel great.

I also gave the dog a bath, with my youngest son's help. Jake (the dog) is either too old to fight or resigned to what is happening.

On Sunday afternoon he actually got into the tub when I asked. Now that is cooperation.

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